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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ties That Bind

Bob Matuska was a
quarterback for the Mavericks
in the late '70s-early '80s
while his sister Kathy was
a member of the women's
basketball team from 1980-84
Fathers, Sons, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters.  Grandfathers, even

It struck us recently following a Minnesota State softball game, one in which the Erickson sisters (Chelsea and Lindsey) had yet again played key roles in another Maverick victory, that there have been several families involved with our successes over the years.

And by families, we were referring to multiple members of a single family who had played varsity athletics for the Mavericks over the years.

So we started putting together a list and came up with several families which had more than one member who played a sport at MSU.  This list appears below and, yes, it's a partial list (c'mon, it was off the top of our heads).  Send us a note if you know of others and we'll add them.

Some quick observations - not always, but for the most part, the families stick to one sport within that family (softball players play softball, pole vaulters pole vault, etc). And, again for the most part, we're talking team sports amongst the individual sport cohorts. Not always, but most of the time.

And while brother combinations are the most common, sister groupings like the three volleyball-playing Sandstroms aren't that far behind.  There have been fathers and sons who have competed for teams at MSU, along with mothers and daughters, but probably the most unique tie comes from the Swanson family.  Grandfather Ken played basketball for MSC from 1947-50 and was inducted into the school's Athletics Hall of Fame in 1988. His granddaughters Amy and Angie played hoops for the Mavericks from 1992-96 and 1996-2000, respectively.

They say that blood is thicker than water. If so, then these folks must be bleeding purple!

Andrews - Glenda (volleyball, 1981-82), Arin (basketball, 2002-06), Alex (basketball, 2005-09), (mother & siblings)
Black - Bryant (golf, 2006-10), Bennett (golf, 2010-SA),  (siblings)
Bresnahan - Bob (baseball, 1977-80), Jay (baseball, 2006-09, Jamie (basketball, 2011-SA) (father & siblings)
Davis - Carl (hockey, 1975-79), Kurt (hockey, 2007-11) (father & son)
Dusosky - Shannon (soccer, 1997-2000), Amber (soccer, 1999-2003) (siblings)
Carroll - Mike (baseball & hockey 1975-80), Steve (hockey, 1977-81), Pat (hockey, 1981-85) (siblings)
Connelly - Steve (football, 1989-92), Craig (football, 1993-96) (siblings)
Englehart - Marie (soccer, 1998-01), Michelle (soccer, 1998-01) (siblings)
Erickson - Chelsea (softball, 2009-12), Lindsey (softball, 2011-SA) (siblings)
Essel - Buzz (hockey, 1972-76), Bill (hockey, 1974-78) (siblings)
Follmer - Jim (hockey, 1979-82), Pat (hockey, 1974-77), Tom (hockey, 1985-86) (siblings)
Forliti - Steve (hockey, 1977-81), Pat (hockey, 1985-87) (siblings)
Glynn - Gene (baseball & basketball, 1975-79), Geno (baseball, 2006-08) (father & son) 
Heller - Brent (football, 1998-01), Brian (football, 1998-01) (siblings)
Johnson - Randy (baseball, 1980-83), Nolan (baseball, 2010-SA) (father & son)
Johnson - Steve (wrestling, 1969-71), Ross (wrestling, 1995-97) (father & son)
Jutting - Troy (hockey, 1982-86), Todd (hockey, 1985-89), Trent (hockey, 1989-90) (siblings)
Kelly - Tim (football, 1982-85), Marty (football, 1984-87), Pat (football, 1990-93, Kathy (volleyball), Nancy (softball, volleyball, 1986-89) (siblings)
Klinsing - Marti (soccer, 2007-08), Danni (soccer, 2001-04) (siblings) 
Knoll - Dale (basketball & baseball, 1939-42), Dean (basketball, baseball, TF, 1940-46) (siblings) 
Lepel - Joel (baseball, 1976-80), Tim (baseball, 1985-88), Tom (baseball, 1985-88) (siblings)
Mackley - Brittany (hockey, 2004-08), Ariel (hockey, 2008-12) (siblings) 
Matuska - Bob (football 1978-81), Kathy (women's basketball, 1980-84) (siblings)
McElvogue - Brooke (softball, 2006-09), Courtney (softball, 2010-SA) (siblings)
Morrow - Jake (basketball, 2005-09), Taylor (basketball, 2007-11) (siblings) 
Noreen - Joanne (basketball, 2005-09), Jenny (basketball, 2008-12) (siblings)
Norgren - Aaron (wrestling, 2008-SA), Paul (wrestling, 2010-12) (siblings)
Odegaard - Greg (baseball, 1980-81), Chris (baseball, 2007-09), Matt (baseball, 2008-12) (father & sons)
O'Brien - Dan (baseball, 1972-76), Connor (basketball, 2011-SA), (father & son)
Peterson - Cevin (TF, 1974-77), A.J. (TF, 2001-05) (father & son)
Pfenning - Nikki (soccer, 1995-98), Jen (1997-2000) (siblings)
Saatzer - Dan (hockey, 1977-78), Dave (hockey, 1975-79) (siblings)
Sandstrom - Kari (volleyball, 2001-04), Stef (volleyball, 2004-07), Kelly (volleyball, 2006-10) (siblings)
Schuck - Mark (basketball, cc/tf, 1966-70), Angie (track & field, 1988-90) (father & daughter)
Schweizer - Frank (cross country/tf, 1956-60), Mike (cross country/tf, 1986-90) (father & son)
Stadum - Chad (baseball, 1991-95), Jeremy (baseball, 1994-98) (siblings)
Sudbeck - Adam (baseball, 2004-07), Jeremy (baseball, 2012) (siblings)
Stuart - Ed (track & field, 1977-82), Adrian (track & field, 2001-05) (father & son)
Swanson - Ken (basketball, football & baseball, 1947-50), Amy (basketball, 1992-96), Angie (basketball, 1996-00) (grandfather & siblings)
Walters - Cheryl (basketball, 1983-87), Lisa (basketball, 1984-88) (siblings)
Van Gilder - Wade (baseball, 19994-97), Ryan (baseball, 1995-97) (siblings) 
Weldon - Dan (football, 1999-02), Matt (football, 2000-03) (siblings)
Weller - Dale (baseball, 1963-65), Dan (baseball, 1965-69) (siblings) 
Wolle - Mike (basketball, 1991-95), Kris (volleyball, basketball, 1999-03) (siblings)
Woodall - Larry (baseball, 1976-79), Dan (baseball, 2005-07) (father & son)
Ziemke - Josh (basketball, 1998-04), Jared (basketball & football, 1999-03) (siblings) 

Others receiving votes:  Bowyer (Dean didn't play here, but the longtime Maverick skipper coached his son Shane, who did), Kaus (Ben played baseball and basketball and younger brother Nick is currently a redshirt with the baseball team), Ries (softball recruit Coley's mom, Sue, played tennis from 1979-81) and McCann (tennis recruit Sarah is the daughter of Ron, who played baseball here from 1978-80).

It's great to be a Maverick (family)!

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