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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rudd Chipping In Both On and Off the Field

Keyvan Rudd with Deven
For four seasons, Minnesota State senior Keyvan Rudd has roamed the gridiron for the MSU football team, but for the last two years Rudd has been  making an impact in the community as a mentor children at Garfield Elementary in the Mankato area.

“A friend of mine used to do it and asked if I would be interested in helping too,” Rudd said. “After helping out my first student, the principal asked me if I wanted to come back and help out with another student and I’m excited to do so.”

Rudd makes a couple of visits to Garfield Elementary each week. Once there, he meets with his student’s teacher who tells him about his student’s week, before discussing with Deven on what he can do to improve in his behavior.

After talking with Deven about his week, Rudd will head out to recess with Deven where they play some football. As recess ends, Rudd gathers up the kids and gives them a pep talk before heading back to class. 

“It feels great to help out,” Rudd said. “I saw me in them when I was that age, which was why I jumped at the chance to take part. They needed a positive role model and I was more than willing to help out”

Deven has also had his chance to see what Rudd does in his time at Minnesota State.

“Around the second or third week or the season, Deven got a chance to stop by our practice,” Rudd said. “He loved being out there with all of the guys.” 

Contributed by Nick Burns, assistant director of communications.