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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

National Signing Day (a reasonable facsimile)

Old Betsy standing on guard
Today is National Signing Day and for those of us in intercollegiate athletics, it's the day when the fax machine becomes relevant again.

Editor's note:  the signed letters of intent actually come into the fax machine in the main athletic office while our 1990s-era machine stands stoic, like a sentinel waiting for the phone line to ring so it can spring into action, converting the beeping electronic message onto a sheet of white paper.  About the only things that come through anymore are offers for charter cruise trips or promoters hoping that we will book their tribute bands. Yup. So in the event you're looking for the latest group of guys pretending to be ZZ Top or the Stones, be sure to give us a call.  We've got a fax with their promoter's contact information.

Today we're announcing recruiting classes for football and women's soccer.  These high schoolers will begin at MSU in the fall, forming the bulk of freshman classes for those two sports and hopefully being part of the success others have enjoyed here during the course of four years (or five years if they redshirt) as Maverick student-athletes.  And in football and soccer at MSU we're talking about teams that went 9-3 and 17-3-3, respectively last fall.  The football team, which expects to announce 15 commitments today, came within one win of going to the NCAA tournament and the women's soccer team enjoyed a nice postseason run in getting to the NCAA regional tournament championship game.  So welcome aboard, future Minnesota State student-athletes.  It's great to be a Maverick!

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