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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ca Va?

Not sure how many people outside of our men's and women's track and field programs are actually aware of this, but there's a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding the construction of the new facility on the south end of campus.

"Obviously it means a lot for our programs," said Jen Blue, head coach of the Maverick women's track and field team. "Everyone from our student-athletes to our alums are really happy with what's happening for a number of different reasons.  For example, it's always been tough on our athletes as they've had to get their workouts in on an off-campus facility while at the same time making sure they made it to their classes.  This will make that issue far easier to address.  It's also been a safety issue with the travel to on off-campus facility.  But the reality is that it's going to be in our back yard.  We're going to have something we can be proud of and a facility that will even out the competitive advantage other schools have had with their own on-campus tracks."

The new track will feature a 400m Mondo surface track (the same as used in Bejing Olympics).   The facility will be lighted with a long jump pit, pole vault pit, two shot put rings, two discus rings, a hammer throw area and two javelin rings.

It's been a while since MSU has hosted a track and field meet.  MSU Athletics used the old facility during the course of the Cerebral Palsy National Games which were held on campus in 1989, but it's been more than a quarter of a century that MSU has hosted a collegiate track and field meet.

It's great to be a Maverick!

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